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Get help switching security companies with information on how to vet the best security company for you.

The Switch Security Source - Get help switching security companies with information on how to vet the best security company for you.

What It Takes To Switch Home Security Companies

136169892Believe it or not, switching home security companies is not as hard as you think it is. It’s not as easy as staying with the company you currently use, of course, but neither is it particularly difficult. There are a few main things to know and to figure out before you make the switch, and these are shared below.

Things to Know Beforehand:

1)     Another company can run your security system. Yes, it’s true! Despite what you may have been told, many systems can be run by multiple companies. So despite your current contract, you’re not beholden to anyone. You’re free to work with someone else.

2)     It will probably cost you money. Be prepared for this; you’ll probably have a termination fee and you’ll have to deal with the expense of signing with a new company. But there’s a reason you’re switching, so it’s probably worth it to you. Just be prepared for additional expenses.

How to Switch:

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1)     Figure out what it would take to terminate your current contract for monitoring services. Your contract may be incredibly expensive for you to cancel, or it may be relatively easy. Figure out when it expires and how renewal works; do they automatically sign you up again with a rollover clause or can you terminate it for good?

2)     Choose your desired company. You may need to choose between several because it’s possible that they might not be able to monitor everything.

3)     Gather all information about your current alarm system from your home security company. In order for your new company to know whether or not it can monitor the system you’re already running, you’ll need to give them this information. Get your manufacturer name and model number for your alarm system as well as your installer code. This is a code that’s used to allow them to get inside your control panel when necessary, and it’s personalized so that unauthorized persons can’t get in. It may be difficult to find, so you’ll have to get it from your current provider or ask them to reset it to the default installer code for the manufacturer.

4)     Make it formal. Because you signed a contract with your present home security company, you’re obligated to them, so you can’t just step out. Most home security companies will require that their customers formally write them a letter to state that they are ending their contract, just like you have to give 2 weeks’ notice before quitting a job.

5)     Be prepared to purchase new devices if necessary. If you’ve found the perfect company for you that you want to switch to, but they don’t work with the devices you’ve got, it may be worth it to purchase new ones.Family of Four on Lawn with Beautiful Home in Background Copy

Switching home security companies can be a simple ordeal. Some companies will offer free inspections and testing of your current security system as well as great financial deals to convince you to switch over to their services. Call 866-565-4305 to have a home security professional come visit your home and give you a free estimate on what your savings could be by switching security companies.