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Get help switching security companies with information on how to vet the best security company for you.

The Switch Security Source - Get help switching security companies with information on how to vet the best security company for you.

3 Suggestions for Taking Advantage of Home Security System Reviews Consumer Reports When Looking to Switch Home Security Companies

Now that you’ve decided to switch home security companies, it’ll be to your benefit to take advantage of home security system reviews consumer reports. Any security business can (and will) talk themselves up, saying they’ll never make the mistakes your last company did, that they’ll offer you free services, that they’ll be far better than you could ever imagine. But it’s the consumers, the paying customers, who will be brutally honest about how that company’s service really is. So what should you do to take advantage of consumer reports about home security? Here are three suggestions for you.134942482

1)     Before reading any reviews, make a list of the complaints you have with your current home security company. Even if you have only a general feeling of malaise about the company you’re working with now, write that down. Most people have more specific complaints, so think about how the service has been. Have you been led to expect things that aren’t happening? Are they chalking up extra fees without warning you beforehand? Do they respond promptly when the alarm system goes off? Any problems you’ve had with their customer service, their products, their business practices, write them down so that you can be ready to check companies off the list if consumer reports often accuse them of the same things.

2)     Keep an open mind while reading consumer reports. Because there are hundreds and thousands of people who use home security, with even more who use national home security companies, there are going to be a wide variety of opinions out there. sb10066306af-001There will be some people who are easily pleased and others who are so picky that they could never be satisfied. There will be people who offer strong language but no information of value, while other people use mild language that gives you all the factual information you need. Keep an open mind and remember that even if someone hated a company for a specific reason, if that reason doesn’t matter to you, isn’t even applicable, or is really the consumer’s fault (which happens more often than people are willing to admit), then it’s irrelevant for you.

3)     Most importantly, see how consumers say that home security companies respond to them. Companies and products aren’t perfect and so there are going to be problems, guaranteed. Just because one customer had a faulty home security camera doesn’t mean the company is a bad company. If that customer says they had a security camera that broke after 2 weeks and contacted the company and they sent out a replacement along with the technician to install it, free of charge, then that’s a company who knows how to treat its customers right. But if the customer says the company promised to send someone and never did, or if they were going to charge you a lot of money for it, you might want to steer clear. So look for indications of how companies resolve problems for customers, because problems will inevitably arise at some point no matter what company you use.

Home security system reviews consumer reports can be a help or a hindrance in choosing a new security company. Let them be a help by using the above tips and you’ll find that you’ll feel much better about the choice of security company you make based on these reviews.