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Get help switching security companies with information on how to vet the best security company for you.

The Switch Security Source - Get help switching security companies with information on how to vet the best security company for you.

Asking the Right Questions about Home Security

If you’re deciding on home security for the first time or looking to switch to a new company, there’s a need to ask the right questions. The questions are probably going to be the same in either case except that if you’ve already used home security, your questions will probably be more specific. So what kinds of questions should you ask? Make sure that you have a list of your thoughts and needs in front of you so that you can be sure to ask the right questions.

Ask for specific things.

Don’t just ask a security company, What do you have? Most of them are heavy on the sales aspect and will pitch all kinds of ideas to you because they work on commission salary. 200171288-001And they’ll try to convince you that you really need something that you may not need at all, just because they want your money. So when you’re talking to them, do your research beforehand and come with specific questions in mind. What kinds of security camera DVRs do you have? Do you sell carbon monoxide detectors that are recognized by the state fire marshal as is required by law in our state? You’d be surprised at how many assumptions they will let you make if you don’t know how to ask the right questions.

Ask about their pricing.

Some companies will keep their prices hidden from view so that they can convince you to buy things before seeing how much it will really cost you. So ask right up front how much things cost. This knowledge will give you the power to stop them in their tracks before they try to sell you something that’s outside your budget.

Ask about their contracts.
Most companies will automatically offer contracts for you to sign, but make sure that you read these carefully. You should know all the details before you jump into any 2 or 3 year business deal, so read closely. And if you are struggling to understand the contract, ask them all of your questions to make things extra clear.

Ask about installation and reinstallation if you ever need to move.

Some companies automatically assume that you’ll want them to come install, so ask up front what that will entail and how much it will cost. Ask them also if they allow DIY installation. And while you may not be planning to move to a new residence, surprises always happen and something may come up, causing you to need to relocate. Ask them what their policies are if that ever happens.

Ask about previous malfunctions with their products.

1257832_97691437If you ask this question outright, they can’t pretend the products are perfect. You should be warned up front if the system you’re buying might have problems or if it ever has. This may not stop you from purchasing it, but if there have been multiple problems and they’re still working on it, you should know that before you decide to buy it.

Ask about any lawsuits or cases against the company.

Home security businesses have to have a record of any and all customer complaints as well as legal cases that arise. You can ask to see these before you decide to go with their services.

If you have more questions, ask as many as you need to. Just remember that this is a business and they want your money. If you ask questions like, “Will it work? Will it be worth it?” then of course they will say, “Yes!” But if you ask specific, pointed questions to get at the company’s history and policies for customer relations, you’ll have a much better idea of what kind of service you can expect.