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Get help switching security companies with information on how to vet the best security company for you.

The Switch Security Source - Get help switching security companies with information on how to vet the best security company for you.

Choosing Between Wireless Home Security and Wired Home Security

Securety safety word cloud 481429375Sometimes the desire to switch home security companies isn’t about the company itself but about the system, because you’re tired of wired and want wireless home security or you’re frustrated with the one or the other. If that’s the case for you, you may not need to switch companies at all but can just ask to switch over to wireless or wired or whatever the desired system is. If you’re stuck on deciding which new security system to go with, there are two key types that should be considered: wired and wireless. While there are many other types as well, these have been around the longest. So here’s some information about each and how you might choose between them.

Wireless Home Security

Wireless security systems are wire free, as their name suggests. These systems contain all the same security system parts and devices, but they just aren’t connected with wires. So how do they interact with one another? After all, this is a system that needs to communicate, right? It’s simple: wireless security systems use the technology of radiofrequency airwaves to communicate back and forth, to transmit messages,Typing alarm code 187979771 and to keep in contact with the central control panel that is the brains of the whole operation.

Wired Home Security

Wired home security systems are the opposite, at least in terms of how they are connected. Using either the power lines in your home or new wiring that the security professionals will put in for you, you’ll have a home security system that is all connected with wires. Through the wiring, the devices are able to connect and communicate with each other and with the control panel. The wiring is usually run through the walls, not exposed, so that your system isn’t a huge inconvenience to your daily living.

Choosing Between Wireless and Wired

Some homeowners will find they prefer wired while others prefer wireless. There are some key reasons why you might choose one over the other. For wired systems, an upside is that the wires make the system completely reliable; the only downside is the rare chance that someone would cut the wiring to gain access to the house. With wireless home security, there are no messy wires to deal with, but there’s the downside of less reliable connections. There’s also the fact that the system connection can get hacked, giving criminals access to the house. Wired systems cost more to install because of all the wiring, which has to be done by professionals. But with professional servicemen doing it, you don’t have to worry that the system wasn’t installed correctly and you can ask them any questions on the spot about how a certain device works. On the other hand, wireless systems are far more affordable because you don’t have to pay for installation; you can install them yourself. Yet with personal installation, you can’t ask questions and you may do it wrong without even knowing it.

Choosing between systems is a difficult decision. Just remember that what’s right for one person won’t be right for another. Choose the system that will best fit your needs as the owner of your home.